Selling Your Property


Our years’ of experience in property and working with developers give us an up-to-date picture of today’s market, as well as an awareness of how future developments could affect the property value. Furthermore, continuous local research enables us to ensure the most profitable outcome for your property.


A smooth and successful sale depends on far more than accurate pricing. For example, our specialists can advise you on the best way to present your property and the right time to put it on the market. They can also inform you on how to comply with relevant legislation’s – ensuring you avoid any potential problems further down the line.


This is the key to a successful sale, and in today’s hi-tech world it is not surprising that technology plays a great part in implementing our marketing strategy. We use our own website and the major property web portals to extensively market all properties. Purchasers are kept in touch with emails and texts, informing them of all new properties.


Our constantly updated and monitored database, combined with the latest technology, brings your property to the attention of the maximum number of potential purchasers in the shortest time. The result: an extremely rapid response from the market.


All viewings will be agreed with you, and potential purchasers will always be accompanied by our experienced and friendly sales staff. We will inform you immediately of any offers, or legal or transactional developments, and provide you with progress reports. Once agreement has been reached, we will act as the central liaison between you, your solicitor, the purchaser and their solicitor. Our highly professional negotiators will work with all four parties to ensure that any problems are dealt with as they arise, and that the sale progresses smoothly to an approved timetable.

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